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I was almost three years old in 1967 when my parents Nick and Aspasia decided to leave Katerini, Greece with me (George) and my sisters to come to America in hopes of making a better life. My mom’s brother had come over here years earlier and had his own pizza place in Northfield. My sisters and I went to school and my parents worked at my uncle’s restaurant until 1977, when they decided to give it a try on their own. We moved to Owatonna and after many months of hard work, Nick’s Pizza Palace opened in January of 1978.

Now here we are, over 30 years later. My parents hung up their pizza paddles and moved back to Katerini in the early 90’s. My sisters also returned to Katerini to raise their families. I live with my wife Melissa and our kids in the same house that I grew up in here in Owatonna. We look forward to raising our family in this community and continuing to serve Owatonna with the hopes that some day one of our children may choose to carry on the tradition.

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